This looks like 100 years ago and 100 years later. This is called a classic!

Sometimes when you read the press release sent by the brand, you will shake your head and sigh: this is an eternal classic, that is a historical legend, and every moment is an epoch-making masterpiece or a revolutionary milestone monument-I really do not know what kind of confidence. If a watch series appeared 100 years ago, after 100 years, it would still be like this. It inherits DNA, and its descendants are flourishing. New products have been launched successively, and have been affirmed by the market. Consumers welcome this watch. Classic! Only worthy of the legend! But given that the history of cartier replica’s large-scale appearance is only a hundred years, our standard can shorten the time and expand the scope, just 80 years! A watch series that can continue to flourish for more than 80 years is eligible to be called “permanent style.” The first to appear is the replica cartiers watch. Story French pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont flew over the Eiffel Tower in a Santos 6 spacecraft. Afterward, he complained to Louis replica cartier watches, because he had to control the steering wheel with both hands, he couldn’t free his hand to take out the pocket watch from his pocket to check the time. Cartier was inspired by this idea, and specially created a watch that can be worn on his wrist, and this watch called replica cartierwas mass-produced, which opened a new era of watches. Santos has successively upgraded and changed models, but comparing the latest models above with the latest models of fake cartier watch, basically, there has not been much change. The four corners of the square bezel are inspired by the four bases of the Eiffel Tower. The crown is set with a sapphire. The square bezel and eight screws have become more robust. The slight adjustment of the appearance is for different aesthetics of each era, but if you really want more authentic cartier replica watches watches, the brand also has a Santos Dumont series, which is exactly the same as the prototype models. Santos watches, tanks, and blue balloons have always been Cartier’s explosions. When celebrating the 100th anniversary of the watch, the Santos 100 series was launched, and then this year, it was remodeled. Some details have changed. The new Santos watch has two highlights. One is the self-produced 1847MC self-winding movement with a 42-hour power reserve and a 28,800 vibration frequency. Second, you can quickly change the chain belt or belt yourself without tools, and even its steel chain can be shortened or lengthened without tools. This technique is very good and very practical. Among Cartier’s many series, there is another series that just celebrated its 100th birthday last year, and it is the Tank series that is unknown and unknown. This series was launched with the design inspired by the tracks of heavy armored tank cars that appeared on the battlefield of World War I. Adding lines like tank tracks to the sides of the rectangular case, and extending the length to form the lugs, changed the rounded curve popular at the time, and strengthened the structure where the lugs and the case are connected. For 100 years, tanks have produced many different styles of watches-slightly rounded lugs, slightly curved cases, crowns with protective devices, and overall elongated case shapes … but radial Roman numerals The hour-markers, blue-steel hands, track-type minute markers, vertical track-like lugs, and convex sapphire on the crown, these classic details are fully preserved.